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Originally Posted by WestGaPineStraw View Post
I've got a dual hose gun if you want it. Just pay for the shipping.
Thanks! I am still kind of weighing my options here. Floating around the idea of not fixing the M03 pump and just throwing a regular 3/8" hose onto the reels. Just got a price for a rebuild kit (Diaphragms, O-rings, Valves, Seats, Springs, and Retainers) for $239. I am just a bit confused. I cant find much of anything when searching on line for dual spray guns. Gregson Clark has a nice one but was surprised at the price. Is the industry moving away from the dual injection? Seems like 10 years ago it was so popular, now not so much. What are you guys that purchased these trucks doing? Using the dual hoses or changing to a single hose?

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