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This is so true. I have begun the seach for two great (or just good) employees. I posted a craigslist and put the yard sign out, and started reviewing the applications. The quality of people calling or stoping by amazes me. It is so hard to find one person who's application and presentation is acceptable. Every year I end up lowering my standards and the results speaks for itself. I had one today give me his application less than half filled out with no addresses or telephone numbers and proclaim that his goal was to find stable employment. I handed the application back to him and said, "I too am looking for a stable employee, can you go back and fill this out so I can see a track record of stable employment or at least some indication that your a stable employee"? He answered indicated he had no moving violations are tickets or arrests on his application, but doesn't have a driver's license and he is probadly 40 years old.

I haven't posted an add in the newspaper, yet. I've got to find a better way of recruiting. I know this is a broken record and more of the same ranting.

I don't have a problem paying more and I'm going to a better employee.
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