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Iv read everything you have posted on this site and my partner is on the fence. First you came out wanted 99 per zip and its now down to like 9 or 10 per zip code. So why did the price crash to one tenth of the original asking price were you originally just being greedy or did you honestly not see how over a grand a year per zip would turn off most landscapers? Did you not get enough business and were you forced to cut the price or did you do so well that you were able to meet your operating costs much easier than expected so you were able to slash the price?

Now you say you do not use bing or google and can give quotes on lawns under 1 acre. Which raises more questions than in answers for me. I suppose you could be doing grand lists but not all city's and towns have that stuff on line or easily give out that info. In my 3 main towns one has a staff of dozens and is most helpful the others have 2 and 3 person staffs and are drowning in paper and nothing is automated. Further more you said up to an acre on one post why is it capped at that and what caused that cap? I find that cap most curious since if it was public information that you used then you should have all lot sizes not just the smaller ones. But the other thing I am curious about is how do you get lawn sizes when the lawns have tree lines and major areas are blocked from view via satellite? My personal home you would never see 26000 sqft of lawn from a areal view no matter what direction the picture was snapped from you would have 5-10k sqft hidden from view which raises the question then how do you know lawn sizes. How is it you know the bed sizes the drive way sizes the walk ways the structures and can get an accurate number?

And finally why did you make it exclusive one client per zip code? What if there are a couple hundred lawn companies there aren't you screwing yourself out of income by turning away the ones that got there late? And if I am right about that whats to keep you from correcting that at a later time and making the markets open?
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