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The Clothes Make The Man...and The Landscaper

Whenever there are simple things you can do to hep you stand out in a crowd, jump on them. When there are simple things you can do to give people the right impression, do them.

There is an old saying - "The clothes make the man" which basically means people will often judge you by the way you dress.

I recognize this is a blue collar field and we do blue collar work. No one expects you or your employees to start the day wearing white pants and a white shirt and return 10 hours later in the same clean white clothing. You're going to get dirty. Understood.

But that is no excuse to look disheveled, unprofessional and unaware of the concept of hygiene.

This is especially important for your employees.

Uniforms - matching shirts, tucked in, khaki shorts or pants, shave your face, use some deodorant - look serious.

Which guy are you going to hire?
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