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Originally Posted by Florida Gardener View Post
I show up every week year round for all but 3 properties. I give an exact number of cuts bc I'm not doing 3 or 4 extra cuts for free if we have a warmer winter. They can pay for that. We've had winters where weekly cutting needed to start in February. That ends up being like 5-7 extra cuts that you are doing for free if you don't give an exact number. I don't do the whole you will get 36-42 cuts. No, you get 38 and if more are needed and you want it done, you pay for it.
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We have no chance of charging for extra mows and we visit most of our accounts 50 times a year. I don't think we ever had a complaint that we should have mowed when we just picked up trash and blew off the parking lot. The only thing that can hurt you if weeds spring up in early spring. Grass dont' need mowing but what about the weeds? What do you do?
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