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I can't speak to a towing daily driver, but I use a 4x4 Dodge 2500 V10. It tows my BC 331 when need be, then I use a 4 banger to drive around...
It does the job without any fuss, and in my hood, I have a few hills. It has near a 14k towing limit. Since it is just a towing vehicle and occasional thrill ride up forestry roads and whatnot, gas mileage isn't an issue (suspect 6-12). I've found gearing is very important with steep hills around here (steep - as in the municipality won't service the road). Then I just drop it into 4-low and it becomes a tank. I'm guessing hills won't be an issue for you though.
I picked up mine for under 4k (2001) in very presentable shape (actually, it was below 3k, but I had to go get it...long story...)...I do like the interior (crew cab)...not spartan at all.
Since your spending money on machinery, I'd go 'light' on the truck until you make some dough.
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