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I currently own the Little Wonder Bedshaper edger. I also rented a bluebird bedbug edger before that. The Little Wonder is self propelled forward and reverse. The Brown, Bluebirds, and Bedscaper brands are all pull behind. The disc blade on the Little Wonder cuts the edges with a cleaner/sharper look into longer strips so clean up is easy and faster. The units with the rotor blade mulch the grass together with the soil but you can't leave it like that without cleaning it up. The disc blade is smoother to operate while the rotor blade can vibrate through the handles. The rotor blade have more options in style of blades and capabilities of having a cable laying blade. A disc blade costs $50-70 vs. $100+ for the rotor blade. Rotor blade units run $1500-$3000 vs. the Little Wonder $3000-$3500. I find its a real time saver for big landscape beds, but it more difficult for smaller circle around trees due to roots and not being able to get a perfect circle. All utility lines, underground ground dog fences, and sprinklers systems need to be marker before hand with either type of machine and be carefull of tree roots and rocks. In all its a machine that gets used more in the spring and summer. The more it gets used the more affective the operator will be.
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