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Originally Posted by Construct'O View Post
..................Go to work for a old man like me that has more equipment then he can run at one time.That is over the hill and close to dieing soon.

Your have to would cheap,but in return your learn the trade,inpress his customers,take good of my equipment .Then when i die your get all my customer,my good equipment at half price,and have a life time of experience given too your for free.

How's that for a business plan.Who knows you might even end up in the will.Good luck!
Haha, I like your view. I was thinking it would be a good way to go too, but I think if a young guy can save 40k, maybe he is good to go. Who else on this board saved 40Gs by 20? Certainly not me...
Although, it wouldn't hurt to work for a multi-platform company if possible to get a feel for a wide range of machinery.
Buying that first piece of metal is important, both from a utility perspective (can it do what folks want done in your hood) and that it isn't a repair daily machine. Also, consider resale value of machinery in your hood. Getting a good deal on a piece of metal that doesn't have a parts dealer nearby could sink/stall you. You don't want to wait weeks for a part...been there....
It's human nature to want to own their own piece of heavy metal, and it motivates one to learn it inside out. Plus, when folks see my machine in the hood (make it visible and tag the crap out of it - telephone/name etc.) they have me top of mind for excavating gigs. All the best.
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