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Debating between an Exmark 21" and 30"

What I'm mostly looking for is something to cut 3/4 of an acre of property that is KBG. Usually I mow about every five-seven days depending. On occasion I may also mow my neighbor's 1.25 acre property which is also KBG when his arthritis is acting up. My area is zone 6b we also tend to have wet springs(last year rained 45+ days straight) and falls, with dry summers(last year over 60 days without water). So I'm looking at doing some bagging with either mulching or discharging in the summer. What my main concern is with cut quality and overall health of the grass. I don't mind putting in the extra work with a 21" if it proves to be better at that than the 30". Of course I received a 21" striping kit for Christmas already, but I suppose I could find or build something in a 30" if need be.

My main debates are of course that the 30" has side discharge as a feature where as the 21" does not. However being so new to the market I haven't really heard how the 30" handles it. Also I've heard some subpar things with the 21's mulching capability.

But no matter what it has to be better than the Husqvarna I'm using. Having ponderosa pine trees that shed like no tomorrow in fall and it has a horrible time bagging them. That's where I miss an old early 90's Commercial Ariens I had by comparison where it picked up 90% or greater of them. Unfortunately it bit the dust when it's crankshaft hit an old tree stump. *Note* All stumps have been ground to avoid this thing in the future.

What my local dealer has for sale is an Exmark ECXKA21 for $1500. Where the debate enters the picture would be that the Exmark ECKA30 is $1800. Supposedly he's got them on a good deal since they are ordering them by the 10 qty instead of single. Not sure if that's true or not since we have little competition amongst dealers out here. So for $300 more would it be more worthwhile to get it? Especially since the 21 is without BBC? . I'm not even going to consider the ECXKABBC21 as they want $1750 for it.

I'll appreciate any help that can be offered. I've been racking my brain with the unknowns trying to decide between these two for quite some time. So thank you all in advance. And yes, I tend to be a bit OCD and over think things but that's life.
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