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Originally Posted by AnotherOkie View Post
I just applied 18-0-4 w/Evade(Barricade) on Bermuda SB and BB fields overseeded w/Trilogy rye blend. They will just deal with a few broadleaf weeds until may when I spray to kill the rye out. then I'll use Manor, Certainty or Celcius with some 3way and Feature 6-0-0 w/fe,mg,mn,and s.
I am new to these Chem apps and still learning and I read on here all the time but sometimes you guys "industry lingo" goes right over my head. but from what i am reading above... are you taking celsius and mixing it with a 3 way in a back pack sprayer? Or are you using a more idustrialized type of sprayer? Also where are you getting the mixing directions for 2 totally different chemicals? I am guessing it is most likely on one of the 2 products labels.
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