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which ztr bobcat,scag,john deere

Ok here it goes,
I am in the market for a ZTR mower,not a stander.I have a mix of clients between commercial and residential,small and big.
The mower will be used by me and it will mow 5 days a week.
Currently I have wrights 52" and 36" and wb bobcat and scag.
I am looking for something that is excellent in wet dew conditions.most of my properties have irrigation and second company fertilizes
Here is what I found,it might be all over the board,but I still have about a month to decide.
52" bobcat fastcat pro 22hp kawi for 5299
60" john deere z720 21.9hp kohler for 6299
52" scag tigercat kawi for 7699.
Now I do understand that the scag may sound better than the bobcat,but price and mower weight is a factor also in my decision.
here is what i am kinda of concluding
my wallet says bobcat,lawnsite members like the JD deck,the long term investment says scag.....decisions decisions
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