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Ok guys out east looking at getting 2foot of snow out here next Thursday into Friday. Will be the biggest storm ive ever dealt with on my own. What suggestions do you have for me? I run three trucks two one ton cummins and a 3/4 ton Chevy. Have 5 commercials and about 25 residentals. Usually start off with three shovelers seems to always be about 2am. At 530 they have the option to go home from being cold wet tired etc. then three more come in and two more go out in my Dakota and start snowblowing my residentals. Currently buying a front mount blower to go on the front of my larger lawn tractors. Would I be better to trust my lead guy to pull a trailer with that on it in a storm or have him jump in my truck and plow so I can pull the trailer? Thoughts concerns suggestions? I'm all ears. Oh yea I forgot one or my commercials has a skid steer at it the whole storm with a 9 foot straight blade as well as a snow bucket. So it is not usually a problem just sit one guy there all day and let him work excellent operator. Thanks guys I appreciate it!
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