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Last fall I purchased several nice solid colored 100% nylon button down fishing type shirts because they are much cooler than T-shirts & dry out in 1/4 of the time. The problem is that my part time help can be so sloppy that they still show up in some ugly old T. I ask, don't you have a clean new one to wear? Oh, yeah I do. Ok, now drive back home & get it. This spring I'm going to request they drop them off so I can have them washed & ready every work day. They only work with customers 2 days a week & are working off the grid 2 so they have 5 solid days to make sure they have their work shirts ready. Really can be irritating insomuch that now I'm calling them the night before and saying to remember the 3 S's before coming to work tomorrow. Shower, Shave, Shirt. Not like I asked them to buy their own. Shower because they seem to just run out the door after wallowing in a stinky bed all night so if don't want to smell my own self I sure don't want to sit next to a stinker. Shave because they think they are out camping or something 7 days a week. I'm not going to spend all my time & effort to build a reputable company just to have a couple guys look like bums. The 3 S's, very important.
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