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I owned a Z720 JD and it is a fine machine, and it is fully commercial duty in spite of Deere's own false advertising to help sell their 900 series mowers. I can tell you firsthand, the 7 Iron II deck will cut as good as any deck made today, and that includes the Velocity Plus deck. The one thing that the JD doesn't have and should, is a suspension seat. You can add one, but it isn't factory std. The new ratings on the engines have put some guys off, but back when the Kohler CV730 that is in it was rated at 25 HP under the old system, no one thought they were underpowered then. It's justa BS numbers game really. It is the exact same engine as it has always been, regardless if it was in a Deere or any other brand.

I will also tell you, if you decide to go with the 720, buy and use the Gator G6 blades in it. They work beautifully under that machine.

The Gravely's are also worth looking at. They are usually priced very well, and they perform beautifully.

Scag makes excellent mowers, but for some reason I rarely see one around here these days. There are a ton of Bobcat machines here though. I don't believe they cut quite as well as the Gravely, Deere or Scag under all conditions just going by how many I get to see cutting here and then looking at the QOC left behind.
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I can also tell by looking back to see how they're hanging and often reach back and feel them to see how firm they are.

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