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Originally Posted by Digdeep View Post
They claimed that the D series was pressurized, but everyone I spoke to, including three salesmen I know said that they leaked like crazy where the ROPS comes down on the bathtub/footwell.
I've not seen this at all. Had some early 2010 units that had door sealing issues tho.

E Series:

-Keyless start option
-Ride control
-Self level up and down
-Return to dig (late 2013)
-Yanmar engines - Deere has been a partner with Yanmar since the 70's - I believe the engine decision is due to cost IMO.
-Std controls JY ISO
EH, Foot
OR optional EH, ISO + H + Foot switchable controls all on one machine.
-Relocated Spool Valve opening the foot well area to flat and 24% larger
-Large frames same boom design
-Medium frames redesigned boom for better lifting, more height, more reach.
-able to adjust creep speed on the fly (with performance package) with switch located by the JY lever
-Redesigned engine side panels for much easier R&R panels for access.
-Connect under pressure auxiliary hydro connectors - going to a manifold.
-Medium frames QC are in the boom.

Some other stuff coming as well.
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