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Originally Posted by ch4x0r View Post
Actually i'm just making 14.00 a hour at volkswagen and i work 10 hours and 45 minute shift with 2 and a half hours of drive time to and from work. so im basically working for around 9 bucks a hour their. not to mention i spend nearly 400 a month in gas blah!! lol I have talked to the guys at sle equipment in nashville tn and told them my plans and budget and i do believe ive decided on going with a package with them here is the package but the backpack blower will be the full commercial husqvarna this package is 7899.99 plus tax which out the door im looking 8500.00 and the 3000 series toro package was i think 8499.00 plus tax but he recommended the 2000 series for what im doing. here's a video of the package only the backpack blower will be a husqvarna. SOOO good choice guys????
$400 a month in gas? Wait until you're spending that in a week! That is if you plan to be that big of an operation!
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