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Originally Posted by etwman View Post
This thread was created almost 12 years ago, was one of the first threads in the photos section, and is the most viewed thread on the entire site. At the time this started there wasn't even a hardscape section and I had no idea this thread would go this long, or even that our company would be where it is today. The moderators have chosen to leave it where it is, I'm guessing because everyone knows where to find it. Should it go somewhere else? Maybe, maybe not.

Nevertheless, the business direction has changed over the years and the company has grown substantially. Others, beyond what I have posted, have been able to contribute alot to the industry. Last I checked no one was holding guns (though that may change with congress) to anyone's head to read this thread. You can easily search out whatever you want on this site and find useful information in between some of the junk threads.

Take it or leave it, its as simple as that.
This guy is so professional and intelligent its amazing. Your a great mentor.
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