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Originally Posted by EH909 View Post
All in all that is exactly what I have planned the only issue I have right now is that the only ones highering are contractors and all their work is on the road all over the province. So as of right now I feel like the right way to go is work for a contractor until a uttility possition comes up then pursue my dream with starting as a part time side deal until I at least have my ticket.
Smart plan, take it from me, I've had my own business for 8 years, starting with a promise that I would make $60,000 a year, that was a big number for someone who only made $25,000 a year and $20 an hour, 2005 the promise happened and I cleared $60,000 after taxes, everyone seems to think that being your own boss will put money in your pocket, WRONG. End of 2005 I only had $1200. I looked at the year end financial reports I had from my accountant and wondered where did the other $58,800 go? Pissed away on my own business.
Go to work for someone else and never rely on a "promise" to make more money if you go at it alone.
The amount of energy necessary to refute bullsh*t is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it
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