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I have a couple questions for the people at Jobber and I figured I would ask it here so maybe others can get some benefit.

1. Is there some place I can see the cost of all of the add-ons itemized? I see that some things cost extra but I was unclear about how much. On your pricing & Sign-up page, I thought I would be able to click on "Add-ons" and see what they were and what the price would be. Instead it just forces you to scroll down and sign up.

2. I see the price is $29 per month. One thing I liked about my current system is that I pay once up front and then I own the package. The last thing anyone wants is to start using a product and have that price continue to creep upwards once you are committed. I understand I can cancel anytime but learning a new system and getting set up with someone else is expensive too, and something we all want to avoid. Are there any assurances you can give about this price?

3. With the addition of the expenses add-on is there anything else we are really missing to keep this from being our only needed accounting software? I don't like Quickbooks and I want something that will provide all of the numbers I need to neatly pass to my accountant. What are we missing, and are those add-ons in the works?

4. With regards to invoicing, how long would one typically expect to spend at the end of each month preparing invoices? Is it a couple clicks and you are good to go? Are the invoices laid out in a way that allows windowed envelopes to be use or am I going to have to deal with address labels etc.? Once payments start coming in how easy is it to enter those payments in the system, and do they show up on the following month as paid on the date you entered them? Basically, is there some place I can see (video) how the billing system works?

5. With regard to scheduling, I service my accounts 28 times per year. When a new customer signs up I immediately schedule those 28 visits. How long would you expect it to take me to get all 28 of those visits on my calendar? Is it easy to look back and see how many times the service has been performed? Anything else you can add with regards to scheduling would be greatly appreciated. Honestly, this is the biggest reason I'm looking to change systems. I'm not sure I can live with what I've got for another 7-9 months, especially if I have to pay more for the update once the fix is available.

I'm very interested, and I know others are too. Can you sell us on it a little bit more?? Spring is coming and I won't have time to make this change then...

THANKS! It looks like a very professional product and love that it is all in the cloud.
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