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Originally Posted by zmowingmaster View Post
Ok here it goes,
I am in the market for a ZTR mower,not a stander.I have a mix of clients between commercial and residential,small and big.
The mower will be used by me and it will mow 5 days a week.
Currently I have wrights 52" and 36" and wb bobcat and scag.
I am looking for something that is excellent in wet dew conditions.most of my properties have irrigation and second company fertilizes
Here is what I found,it might be all over the board,but I still have about a month to decide.
52" bobcat fastcat pro 22hp kawi for 5299
60" john deere z720 21.9hp kohler for 6299
52" scag tigercat kawi for 7699.
Now I do understand that the scag may sound better than the bobcat,but price and mower weight is a factor also in my decision.
here is what i am kinda of concluding
my wallet says bobcat,lawnsite members like the JD deck,the long term investment says scag.....decisions decisions
Not sure what your budget is, but I'd look into John Deere's new B, M, and R series ztraks. B series are priced lowest and R series being priced the highest. I had the chance to see a 930M in person and I think it's a very nice machine. JD offers 3 different seats now. The basic seat which comes standard, another seat that gives a better cushion for bumpy rides, and then the full suspension seat. Jd also has flex forks available with these machines, and I'm pretty sure you can get them to put on any current 900, and 800 series ZT.

I know you're not looking into a stander but I looked at one of their new ones as well and they are really nice. They are the same as Wright standers but there are a few little differences that JD changed.

I own two 727A's, and currently one 925A and don't regret owning them one bit. I had a 757A once but traded it in for the 925A.
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