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Hi JRS. landscaping, the show was great as always. Had questions and was able to receive professional information and not hear say as often is the case. I do find it amusing to hear that so many in the green trades do not attend the trade shows /lectures / workshops etc, and complain that they have a hard time making money or that the products they use don't do the work. I ask where are you, these events are for you to grow and your not their. Just this year i have been to the Maine Agricultural show and lectures / the Melna trade show and lectures / New England Grows trade show and lectures and the list goes on. I do hear the weather problem i have to be here, well how come you don't have a plan ( B ) if you break a leg or arm who's going to perform the work you have to get done, speaking for my self for the most part this down time is for education and vacationing, if i'm not here and it snows i have subs that take over and i'm as close as my cell phone -- the work gets done and the billing gets done, i'm running a business. Hope some Mainers just think about their situation and decide that they are in charge of their business and not the business is in charge them. Life is short. you should be in charge. dig419
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