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Trailers and snow storms don't go together very well in my opinion. I would wait until after the snow stops and roads are cleared a bit before pulling it if possible. On the big storms I just concentrate on the plowing part on my residentials. Most of them come and go from their garage and don't use their walk anyway. If I bring a shoveler with me he hops out and shovels while I plow but as soon as I'm done plowing I toot the horn and he gets back in the truck whether he's done or not. To me it's all about maintaining reasonable access rather than detail work during the big ones. On commercial accounts you usually have no choice but to do everything though. It's also nice to have a big lot you can just stay at and plow if visibility gets really low and/or travel between accounts becomes slow and difficult. It sounds like you don't plow your residentials though?
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