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Hey there JLC, That is an absolutely sick deal.... I can't believe no one has bought that from you yet... I am actually purchasing a brand new MD and if I wasn't.... I would drive to you from Upstate New York tomorrow! I know this is a equipment sale thread but would you mind if I asked you a couple questions about your Walker in general.. (decks more like it).. I have been running them for about 12 years but I now live in a more rural area so I am very interested in the 52 in. deck.. How does the 52 GHS do for you on hills? Did you find it gave you a little more stability? I have heard some say this... How did you like the belt drive as opposed to the gear drive? And finally, did you find that the fact the blades rotate the opposite way from the smaller decks to be a clogging issue? Sorry to hijack here but I have been researching and not everybody runs the 52... Thanks so much for your time and I hope you find a lucky new owner for that baby.... And if anyone is on here and thinking about buying this.....DO IT!!!!! SICK DEAL!!!!!!!
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