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Why would you spend $1500 on a 21" or $1800 on a 30" ? When you spend that kind of money your buying a name, but maybe that's what you want to do. I'm thinking for $1000 less you could get you could get either size. Those machine's would last just as long with the proper maintenance. I'm not trying to be a smart azz, just trying to save you some money. If i had to push mow that much grass i would want the biggest mower i could get. You could make a striper, easy, i would argue that you don't even need one. I just re-read the part where you say the 21" doesn't have a side discharge, that would take the 21" right out of the running, you need that side discharge, that make's a big difference in wet grass. If you mow every 5-7 day's your grass never get's tall enough to make a mess, and those clipping's are returning nutrient's to the earth. Good luck.
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