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Zoysia is the one grass I can think of that benefits from the Victorian age lawn roller. Even then, correct height of cut is less than 1" and the better tool to use is a reel mower.

I have to bite my tongue when reading the zoysia management recommendations from University of Florida. What it comes down to is telling people to starve the grass, but gives a pass to keeping the grass so tall. Reasoning for starvation is to reduce disease and minimized thatching. The majority of the lawns I maintain are El Toro zoysia. Height of cut is less than 1" on all of them. N rate is 1/2-3/4 lb per month. I know when I am not feeding enough by how bad the dollar spot gets. You are right, a low height of cut does not foster pythium and and rhizoctonia large patch. I do not see those diseases in my "overfertilized" and low cut zoysia. Lawns that are kept that low do not need to be Verticut or dethatched very often either. The only time I have seen a need for those procedures is to make a previous rotary mow lawn, mowable with a reel.
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