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I just ran up on what I thought was an awesome deal. Wife and I were out car shopping for her on our anniversary/Valentines day. We got stuck in traffic and took a side street to get out of it. This isn't normal for us. Anyway, there are a few small car dealers down that road. at one of them was an old TruGreen truck. I pulled in as they were closing. Took a quick look at it. 2004 with all the hoses, reels, valves AND the pump. A couple of hoses are cut, as well as the tank level indicator hoses.

Called them the next morning and he hadn't planned on selling it, but wanted the truck for the cab and chassis only for his farm. I told him I was interested. He told me what he had in it from the auction. I took it to my mechanic and the truck is clean and runs good.

Long story short..... 154000 miles, nearly complete. Needed 4 tires.

Paid $4995 plus all the dealer fees, tax tags, and put on 4 tires.

All said and done, have $6500 in it. Get this....Dealer offered to finance 120 days same as cash for $300 bucks extra (included in what I have in it) .. $$2500 out the door with tires and 6 months to pay the balance with no additional interest. Sweeeeet. Now I need that gun for the dual hose.
I have a gregson clark 300 gallon unit with the injection, but the gun leaks very bad, and its heavy.
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