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Originally Posted by inzane View Post
i thought mabee it was the fact that these 2 yards are never watered unless it rains, that 2nd treatment in oct, we went a while without rain. i rememeber having to go out and water my lawn the next day or so after the treatment because it was the only way because there was no rain in the forcast for a while. and i know for a fact that the one rental didn't get the stonewall watered in, the other one.. (my moms lawn) she doesn't think she did, but doesn't remember. lol. she never pays attention to the special instructions i leave.

however, these 2 lawns haven't been on a program in a while, so i guess that could be it too.
From what you describe, these lawns are low maintenance. As everyone knows weed control is not just chemicals apps. It is as much about doing all the other things to grow a healthy stand of the desired grass to naturally out compete the weeds. You should tell this to the customer upfront and every chance you get. (Write it on the bills as needed) Some get it and some don't but you must say it to cover yourself.
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