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Originally Posted by HayBay View Post
Its Sodium Chloride, (table Salt) only 1 app a year. Not close to water.
The non-OMRI product contains additional salts which enhance performance. From the label: For turf grass applications: 1-3 applications depending on weed type. No buffer zone is required when applied next to drinkable fresh water wells or bodies of water.

In Canada its not even allowed for usage except on Ragweed at the moment.
This will change. ADIOS was developed for roadside control of ragweed and a single application provides control. It was during followup inspections that the manufacture realized that turf grass was not harmed.

Check your local state regulations, 25(b) exemptions are not exemptions in all states.
25(b) is Federal Law, however States are allowed to require a pesticide license to apply professionally. ADIOS is not currently registered in all US States. Definitely check with your state regulators.

If you use a product as a pesticide its not exempt and is listed as a possibly dangerous/toxic. Simple stuff the NOFA OMRI people get confused.
There is a great deal of confusion on the safety of any pesticide. Under NOFA Standards for Accredited Organic land Care Professionals, the preferred procedure is always cultural methods followed by allowed use of NOP compliant products. NOFA does allow under certain circumstances a one time rescue treatment of a pesticide, followed by NOFA approved cultural practices to address the underlying cause of the pest.

I hope the US does not follow in the footsteps of Canada by completely banning pesticides. However, there is much that can be said in favor of a modified organic approach. From what I am seeing, there is a strong movement within the applicator business of taking a deeper and unbiased look at how this approach will help them improve their businesses while being better environmental stewards.
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