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Originally Posted by Toro 455 View Post
Professionally, I'd choose the guy on the right. Not to disagree, you do have to dress the part. But the guy on the right has hearing protection, protection from the sun for his eyes, is running the Exmark with the safer-for-your-hands ECS controls. Plus he looks like he might have done this before.
Personally I don't care if he chooses to get a little sun. But he does have that swirly lawn pattern going on though.

And I'd bet every woman on the block could describe the half naked lawnmower man. So maybe that is part of his "uniform".

But don't go out there thinking you're invisible. You got to dress to your customer's expectations. They're always watching.
you really think people pay attention to if there lawn guy wears eye, ear and sun protection and the brand of equipment?

I've had clients come out while I'm loading up before I take my hearing protection off and try and talk to me. I always have to remove the head set and ask them to repeat themselves. there response is always, I didn't notice you were wearing those big yellow ear muffs.
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