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Exclamation Stay Focused - Don't Accept Every Job

When you are starting out or your business is starting to grow I know it can be difficult to turn work down. It can cause a significant amount of anxiety because you sit there and think "what if". But I am here to tell you right now that you should be turning work down.

If you have decided that your business is going to be a lawn and landscape maintenance business, then that is what you should be. Those are the services you should offer. That is the work you should be seeking and all other work is what you should be turning down or referring to someone else.

Someone calls and tells you they want some pavers installed, or some trees planted or a new lawn put in or a pond built. Why would you say yes?

I know the answers... "It's good money." or "I need the work." or "It will help me get more work."

No, No, No

You are spreading yourself thin. You would be doing things you are not accustomed to doing. It will take you longer than it should. You might not do a very good job.

Instead of bouncing from job to job and taking whatever is presented to you, stand firm. Define what your business is and the services it provides. Then relentlessly go out and get more work that you know you can do well, that you are equipped to handle and will lead to more opportunities.
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