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Originally Posted by vanncann View Post
Also the Snapper pro I had before this broke in two in 3 days of light use... Now I know this was around 13-15 years ago but when you get abad tast in your mouth you don't go back... Also had a very bad dealer here in Dothan...
I hear ya. I had a bad taste for Ford and GM. I currently drive an F150 and am going to take a serious look at the chevy cruze diesel when it comes here in a few months. I guess every manufacturer can have a bad run. Maybe ill get the snapper with the Honda engine and call it a day. Lol. I need to remember that my propensity for overkill can get in my way. I can say with the utmost certainty that I won't ever grow this side business more then 20 lawns a week, so if taken care of, most anything SHOULD last me longer then it would most of you guys. I just won't put the hours on it, or so it would seem.

Since I am not a bagger, it would seem the Snapper Commercial Ninja might be the mower for me. My local dealer seem like quality people and have been very helpful in the past. Only problem is the ninja only comes with a Briggs professional series motor.
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