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That's exactly it. If anyone has read "E Myth Landscape Contractor: Why most landscape companies don't work and what you can do about it". I'm about half way through it. It explains very much into detail of proper training and systems to get yourself out of tbe field to work on your business not for it. I forgot to mention that in my goals but it most likely not happen this yr. It also describes that almost every issue related to employees can be related back to training.
Efficiency, what year did you get yourself out of the field?

Also, with regards to equipment, I don't really focus on it very much, because imo, if your sole focus is working on it or what equipment and why (ie. This particular mower or skid steer) you'll never get yourself out of the field. In order to have a successful business you always need to be focussed on numbers. And not "number of accounts" because that figure is worthless. In fact, the less accounts, more acreage, is better! Less drive time and less accounting work plus less postage.
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