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Hi Ed - yep that is what it is. Still evaluating seat options. I did order new cushions. My original ones of course are completely gone. I think I have maybe a spring left. On the donor because of the twisting when it got wrecked the plywood cracked in various places including where the grommets are for the bolts to go into that hold the cushions to the seat pan. So basically I ended up with no options for cushions. I found a new seat cushion and backrest cushion on ebay for $159 for both so I'm going with that. In the meantime, I've turned my attention back to the engine to wrap it up. I now consider it complete right down to the air cleaner. It starts and runs and idles real nice. The only thing I have not been able to do yet is test it under load, but I don't anticipate any problems with that. I am real happy with how it turned out. The only way you would know that it didn't come from the factory this way is that the air cleaner is slightly tilted. This is because my original engine was a Kohler and the replacement a Kawasaki. Since the mounting parts are different I had to go with the donor's mounting parts and one bracket was slightly bent. This doesn't seem to impact anything other than the looks. I think it adds character :-)
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