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i actually agree with sean on this one. i took on alot of things i shouldn't have my first year in business just because i had the time and needed more money etc. also that may not be such a bad thing because you learn what you wanna do as a business and learn what to stay away from. if you are a full service company then yeah you should accept everything almost but if you are solo like me then you have to focus on what you can do and want to do and then pass on all the rest. most of the time all the rest is the stuff that pays more money but it's far more inconsistent. for example a large landscaping job will pay very well but it's a one time deal for that customer for the most part. it will require many days if you are solo but if you have a crew and are full service then you can handle it faster. mowing their yard for example pays less but it's steady work and lasts for years and years to come. it is also easy for a solo person to handle by themselves.

you can look in my picture thread on here. look at some of those crazy cleanup jobs i took on all by myself. one took me about 3-8hr days. then look at my 2nd year. i didn't do any of those type jobs yet i made more money the 2nd year. you just gotta focus on what you wanna do and know when to let things go and let the bigger companies handle those jobs. once you get a full mowing schedule you don't have 3 days to spend on a cleanup job.

alot of this boils down to if you are solo or not. if you have more workers you can handle bigger jobs and have more variation in what services you offer. if you are solo you have to stay more focused on one or two areas.

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