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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
That is an Excellent Point...

Consider this if you will:

Since our ultimate goal is to CYCLE nutrients back in the soil, by use of Holganix,,, in order that, we may provide N for immediate use,,, Will Humates be processed by the Holganix Microbes into N???

My belief is that adding Carbon from sources, other that compost(or raw compost source material) would NOT necessarily give us N... This may be an 'Apples and Oranges' comparison...
The question about OTHER sources of Carbon, arose as an Alternative to Compost...
Again, I may have misunderstood the CONTEXT of the question, so clarification would be desirable...
I disagree as to what "our" ultimate goal is. One goal may be to maintain a diverse microbial population which will favor the healthy growth of turf while improving soil quality.

While this website pertains to food crops, it also contains some good information regarding how different food sources effects C:N ratio, soil microbes and plant health.
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