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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
I'm sure you recognize that the Holganix microbes are turning Lawn Debris into N as well as CYCLING the other nutrients back into the soil...
The figure for Lawn Debris cycling N back into the soil(ANNUALLY) is roughly 25%,,, so you'll want more FOOD that microbes can turn into N and I suggestted Compost for that purpose... Just My Preference!!!

But what ever your preference,,, All that needs to be determined is the amount of compost(or ALTERNATIVE Material) needed to satisfy the other 75%, ONCE your food source runs out...

When the Lawn Debris food source runs out, IS the point in time you need to do more than just spray MICROBES onto the Lawn to keep it going...
Some lawns are so full of potential food source that the microbes may very well keep feeding the grass for several years,,, but sooner or later the food supply runs out... it is unavoidable...

The question in response to your question is... Are you asking about "Alternative sources of Carbon" becuz you think it will supply N???

Because Compost provides N and is Carbon Based,,, as are the lifeforms it is composed of... If we Keep It Simple(KIS), then it will make sense...
When we are dealing with an organic system we do not focus on N. With all due respect Smallaxe, you do not have the background to speak with authority on organic lawn care.
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