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Originally Posted by Florida Gardener View Post
Here's where I see the problem, you don't give a specified amount of cuts. That leaves a whole bag of worms open for interpretation. I tell people on all my proposals they get 38 for the year. That way, there is no guessing game. If they want more they pay for more and I don't have an issue with it cause I go to every property weekly all year. Not knocking you at all Keith, but people can't complain when they agree to certain figures and numbers...
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Well, playing devils advocate, you say if there is more then 38 they pay more so let me ask you....If there's less than 38 do you cut a refund check? I didn't think so. I tell customers we will cut your lawn every time it needs to be cut, you are paying for a year service by monthly payment. It will be approximately 38-40 cuts but will depend on weather patterns which are out of both our control so if there's a few more I won't charge more if there's a few less I won't refund. Simple, one years lawn service mowing every time it needs mowing for x amount of dollars. They don't like it.....find someone else.
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