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Latest Lighting Project...

Been a bit rainy last couple of weeks. Been a blessing after last two years. Not complaining, but made work a little slow. We have been able to whittle out a little bit of maintenance & installation work. Here's a couple pictures of latest lighting job we did. Homeowner has plans to add more fixtures later, but just purchased the house and wanted to add some curb appeal and stay within budget. We also constructed the mailbox with the lighted mailbox block. Last one was a single vertical 4x4 post with a plastic box on top.

Will post some pictures of the backyard when I get chance. That is where we spent most of our time. Still have a few finishing touches to put on it. Also need to straighten up some of the existing windsor block around the tree before we're done. Will be doing some seeding over the disturbed areas this spring, fert & weed treatments. Will also be maintaining this one from now on.
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