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Originally Posted by fl-landscapes View Post
Well, playing devils advocate, you say if there is more then 38 they pay more so let me ask you....If there's less than 38 do you cut a refund check? I didn't think so. I tell customers we will cut your lawn every time it needs to be cut, you are paying for a year service by monthly payment. It will be approximately 38-40 cuts but will depend on weather patterns which are out of both our control so if there's a few more I won't charge more if there's a few less I won't refund. Simple, one years lawn service mowing every time it needs mowing for x amount of dollars. They don't like it.....find someone else.
Down here 38 is about spot on. If less are needed, I'm still there to do cleanup work so that is how it is made up. Last year, I was cutting weekly the beginning of feb. if I was just doing it cause it needs it, it's like an extra 6 cuts. Not doing that for free.
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