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Huge ditto with Sean.

A very large local LCO here just went bankrupt this winter. They tried to offer too many services. They also went through several owners/mergers since they started. They ran a crooked outfit from the git go. Falsifying their credentials, business start date, copying competitors' forms, etc, etc.

Most LCO's in my area know who these guys are. Every one considers these guys as crooks. The head of their lawn care was recently "let go" after many years of loyal service. A good friend of mine since 1985.

Easy way to check this out >> click on your Secretary of State. Then search for "corporations". You will find who/what/where.

Sean -- you know me. Do a Secretary of State search for my "corporation". You will see ONE name only (my name). And it's the ONLY name yiou will see. No crooked business. No mergers. No bankrupts. Same name since 1990 when I incorporated.

Nice post. Thanks.
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