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Originally Posted by Kennedy Landscaping View Post
Lets see some of the irrigation side of the business!
There is some in HessLawns 2012...One of my sons does full time repairs to I only get involved if he has some trenching and I am available. First picture was a drip line put under the ground but I could find any of the follow up pictures so no interesting. We had just finished puttign the drip lines in and now was ready to lay sod. A lot of this type of work just bring up old system in compliance so no run off.

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This is a break on a residential.....we have hired a second person part
time to do residential so son does commerical this year

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This is our new repair van. We had a black Ford Van and it is retired
I seen him working so I pulled over to help out
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This is one of the many repairs on these HOAs, They are now 25 years old and a lot of breaks. One asked us to price complete retrofit and when we tol them about $100K the discussin stopped.

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