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Originally Posted by turfmd101 View Post
Zoysia; needs to be cut with a reel mower because the cut, clips the foliage as the blades roll over the top of the canopy. The rotary swirls and tares the foliage.

Zoysia needs to be cut low 1/2 in. So the surface can dry and the clippings can recycle. Dramatically lowering fungus potential. Holding better color. A rotary mower could never mow low enough to cut zoysia properly.

Look at some in a area getting high traffic. I'll bet it looks low and tight.

I have a property installing a pool and the tractor traffic over the zoysia is matting it low and sweet.
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The zoysia in our area is all cut with the same mower as St Augustine and in many cases the grass are in the same yards. And it isn't being cut low but probably at 3 -4". And no reel mowers in sight.
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