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Thanks for your replies, and to answer your question Agrostis the Exmark is probably overkill. I've just gotten sick of the subpar mower and liked the cut of the 21 when I tried it last fall.

Thanks KawasakiGuy good to know on the snapper I just haven't seen a local dealer thus far for them. Other than what Wal-Mart carries...

And to answer you ExactRototilling they have the Exmark 30" over on a pallet in Spokane. So they could ship one to the Hayden Horizon store. If I'm going to go for something I just want to get whatever equipment before the LCO's buy their equipment fkor the year. Though I suppose the smart thing would be to wait until I could test a 30" when we warm up some and get the grass growing. Also I got misquoted a price via the original sales rep I talked to in store. Turns out the 21" is $1099 and not $1500. I ended up contacting their sales rep via e-mail instead. Gotta love misinformation! By the way how does the Timemaster do with the pine needles in the area? Mind you I rake them up in the beds but stillwant something that can help clean up the 68 century old+ remaining Ponderosa Pine trees that love to shed.

Also did you get the Timemaster from the local Home Depot in Coeur d'Alene?

If I could afford to cut them down and grind them I would but $$$$$.$$ keeps that from happening. Since the main issue would be keeping them from hitting neighbors. But that's a whole other subject from a mower. One thing at a time. I have managed to get rid of about 40 due to arborist concerns and housing addition/shed/decking. Honestly I'm amazed grass grows with all the shade back there. It hasn't seemed to put a dent in it though.

Once again thanks for info guys. And I probably cut my neighbor's property about 3 times a season so it's just my own 3/4 acre of pine/kbg I'm mostly concerned with. Otherwise I wouldn't be thinking of a 21".
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