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Originally Posted by Florida Gardener View Post
Down here 38 is about spot on. If less are needed, I'm still there to do cleanup work so that is how it is made up. Last year, I was cutting weekly the beginning of feb. if I was just doing it cause it needs it, it's like an extra 6 cuts. Not doing that for free.
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Funny how you specify and preach 38 cuts and "no guessing game" that is as long as it works out in your favor...otherwise you "make it up". I'll stick to my yearly price for lawn service, I know from experience pretty close to how many cuts it will need. Over time it all averages out. I'm not tracking how many cuts I gave and then risking losing a customer over nickel and diming them for a cut or three when I know I cut three less the year before. Plus the time it takes to track and the risk of losing or offending a customer pays for the extra cuts IF YOU DON'T UNDER CUT prices to begin with that is.
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