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They don't ask me anything cause if it doesn't need cut and it's a cut week, I'm still there anyways and I spend that time doing cleanup or whatever there is I can do. Keith's customers thought it should be cut while he didn't, which is fine. People can be loony. But he gives them a range of cuts. If he said 38 for example, they have no room to say well I want it cut. I mean they can say that, but he can pull the agreement out. He obviously is doing other stuff for them, he doesn't just not show up. All I'm saying is I've been vague in agreements when I first started in biz and It cost me having to do a decent amount of stuff that I shouldn't have done, but my agreements weren't specific. So, I got specific. I don't nickel and dime my customers, by any means. I go above and beyond for them. But, I've had winters, more than not, where weekly cutting went into dec and could start as early as feb. that is a lot of extra cutting to do. If you are fine with giving all that away for free, well, by all means. It's a lot different in a fl compared to central and north. Weren't you the guy getting on people for charging too little btw?
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