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subs are great if that works for you but i'd have a hard time getting larger companies that have been around much longer interview to sub for me a solo person. the full service companies where i live are large, well established companies with 25 workers or more that have been in business for over 25 years.

if i run across a big job that's not for me i just advise my customer to call one of them. their numbers are in the yellow pages.

in all honestly though this rarely even happens. it's happened maybe 1-2 times in 3 years for me. most people here don't go for all the bells and whistles. i'd say 99% just want mow and go. very few want anything else done. most people here do things like landscaping or shrub trimming themselves and i've never had anyone ask about redoing their entire landscape or anything big like that. the only things i've been asked to do are small mulch jobs. i'm talking about 5 bags of mulch. i've trimmed shrubs once or twice. they were small jobs though that took less than 1 hr. i did do one large shrub job once that took 3hrs. it's just when you get into that it's rediculous. it's too much work for one person and also what i charge is gonna be more than they want to pay. i'm gonna charge them $150 for 3hrs being solo. a larger company can come in with 3-4 guys and be done in 30min in and out and charge like half as much. in a way the market is gonna force you into doing the right jobs to fit your business.
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