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I don't think you're getting it. Your responses mirror what Keith was saying. You are saying the same thing he did, other than you getting hung on a meaningless number.

Where it was 40 to 42 cuts per year, it's more like 45, 46 now. Not on all of them, but a fair number. I do things a bit differently. I don't have a set number of cuts. I do it when it needs it and don't when it doesn't. But I rarely go more than a week without checking on my yards.

Down here 38 is about spot on. If less are needed, I'm still there to do cleanup work so that is how it is made up.


They don't ask me anything cause if it doesn't need cut and it's a cut week, I'm still there anyways and I spend that time doing cleanup or whatever there is I can do.

And this, totally unnecessary...

If you are fine with giving all that away for free, well, by all means. It's a lot different in a fl compared to central and north. Weren't you the guy getting on people for charging too little btw?

Nobody was talking about "giving" anything for free.

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