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Originally Posted by ed2hess View Post do you get wiring over the drive and sidewalks?
Normally we bore underneath both. On this install with the existing plant material and with space to bore at a premium on either side of drive, we went over. We came out of the garage into the first wall-mounted fixture and then back into the wall, over the garage door, back down the wall and out into the second mounted fixture. After that, a 1/2" waterproof UF connector gets us out of the bell box and into the ground. 6 - 3 watt LED uplights, 2 - 20 watt incandescant pathlights & 2 - 1 watt LED accent lights for the mailbox. We bored under both sidewalks to get wire to mailbox and left side of the front of the house.

Do y'all do lighting? If so what brand of fixtures do y'all use? We use 90% FX Luminare and a little bit of Vista.
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