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I agree Jason we're obviously in two completely different markets, the market here is very large and we have a LOT of people with A LOT of money, we have a huge business sector here so that brings tons of high paid executive/engineering types to the area, we get a LOT of calls for complete renovations and hardscaping type work, I just can't see myself letting all that revenue go to someone else. I don't hire from the large companies they can afford to pay their really good guys well and they should in order to keep companies like me from stealing them. There are plenty of guys around that are solos that will sub themselves out. I totally agree with Sean, if your just starting out and have no sub hiring experience don't do it, I'm in my fifth season and am just now getting comfortable enough to have a good network of subs, I wouldn't have dared tried doing what I do now three or four years ago.
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