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yeah you gotta aim your business for the market in your area. people where i live aren't rich by any means. it's mostly just middle class people with only a few rich neighborhoods here or there. of course the big companies pretty much have the monopoly on the rich neighborhoods since they've been around so long although many of the rich people service their own property.

really i'm ok with it though. things like shrub trimming, landscaping, hardscaping, irrigation, etc. aren't things i enjoy doing or wanna get involved with anyways. those things you can't really do alone anyways. you need a crew to do those types of jobs. staying solo is what i wanna do. also doing those things would be like doing work lol. mow and go doesn't feel like work to me since i enjoy doing it. i think the only way i would have a crew is if i had people i knew working with me like friends or whatever but then that can get messy if things were to ever go sour lol. i'm just not the bossy type of person that wants to be telling other people what to do all day long.
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